E-books for e-reader Kindle Amazon's selling better than paper books cheapest format - now in paperback.

In summer 2010, it was reported that sales of electronic books on Amazon bypassed paper books - then shot in mind only printed books in hardback. Today's news may be part of some skeptics to refute the belief that the vast majority of people love to read books only on paper. For some books in paperback (especially those that were in use) is sometimes cheaper cost than an electronic version for the Kindle.

According to CEO Amazon, Jeff Bezos, the company expected that e-books for the Kindle will bypass paperback-book sales for the second quarter of 2011. But it happened even faster. In 2010, for example, the company sold 115 electronic books for every 100 books in paperback, and three more books for Kindle, a book with hard cover.

The success of e-book sales have become one of the important factors that affected the substantial earnings growth company. In the IV-th quarter, Amazon earned a record $ 10 billion

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