Belted and walked! Women's fashion belts, belts for 2012

Women's fashion belts and straps - an attribute of modern and stylish women, as well as part of an elaborate costume. Do they hold the trousers in place or effective stress around the waist, carry decorative or purely practical - it does not matter. The main point is that the belt for women - is one of the most significant enhancements. It helps to create a beautiful silhouette and shows the brilliant taste of his mistress. Belt fashionable women can experiment and change the image every day, giving different moods of the same things. 

In 2012, the relevant underlined feminine straps and belts, brings to mind the romantic heroines. Emphasize a beautiful waist line - this is the main fashion trend. This can be done by a properly chosen along a broad belt of women's leather or thick fabric with a classic and very simple in shape buckle. Belts and the average width of the model close to the corset will focus on the waist and make it visually and is slimmer. 

A thin woman will give a belt or waistband along light and airy, and you - confidence in any situation. For it is a narrow strip at the waist creates an original and winning silhouette. These accessories are appropriate with simple dresses and tunics, blouses as well as extended free cut. 

In 2012, designers are paying little attention to decor and seat belts. The only ornament: classic eyelets and rivets, buckles, simple shapes, prints and sparkling rhinestones. As an element of decoration straps and belts for women can act and their texture: natural leather pattern, as well as an imitation of reptile skin, embossed and perforated art, woven parts, paint protection. These simple but effective elements accentuate the harmony of any outfit and your style. In addition, they will not pull all the attention on himself because, like any other accessories, belts and belts have to pick out only profitable outfit, but do not shout about itself. 

Leather belts - one of the options other than a gift as his relatives, and his beloved. Both male and female belts - this is an important element of the image and just a convenient thing. Our belts - a natural, well-dressed leather, buckles of quality metal, durable and beautiful furniture, the ability to adjust the length of belt (belt before you buy, you can shorten it right in our store). Choosing the leather straps through our online catalog, you'll see two lengths: L1 (with buckle) and L2 (without buckles). One has only to buy a belt, you get it in a convenient and beautiful box, in which he is not ashamed to present the most demanding business partner or a close friend. And our experts will help you navigate the variety of our range and choose the seat that best suited to your wardrobe and style. Our website allows you to slowly pick up the straps and to buy them without leaving home.hion belts and straps you in this will help!

Treat yourself to a bright and bold image in 2012, and fas

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