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Jewelry - the perfect gift, this is known to all. But where better to buy gold or silver? Of course, where the largest selection and lowest prices! Such conditions and offers our jewelry store.

You can buy gold or silver jewelry at the lowest price, for our jewelry store located on the Internet, that is, we save significantly on commercial streets, on equipment, technique and even to the seller. In addition, we can make any product in order through the jewelry factory, no middlemen and markups that you do not have to overpay.

We are sure that you necessarily like represented in the catalog jewelry and prices. You easily pick up these decorations that make the most accentuate your individuality and express your love for a loved one.

Quickly find the right ornament for every taste and wealth can be through our catalog. In our shop the jewelry in the latest fashion trends. But if you want something unique and unique, we can order for you gold or silver jewelry of any shape and look through the jewelry factory - both in your personal sketches and sketches by our designers.

And do not forget that for regular customers we have a flexible system of discounts. We hope that you find yourself among their number

There are many ways how to reduce the cost of a wedding ring, without sacrificing either quality or beauty. We offer the most popular ways:

Choose metal less punishing. Although gold is 18 carats looks rozkishnishe and elegant, but products with 14-carat cheaper and much easier to find them, but visually they differ little from 18 carats.

Choose less valuable metals. Silver is less expensive than white gold, white gold is cheaper than platinum, and platinum is not, of course, as much as titanium. Each of these metals silver-white (albeit with nepomitymy for nedovsidchenoho eye differences).

Choose a smaller carat stone. Very hard to tell the difference between stone 1 / 3 and 1 / 2 carat, but the difference in price extreme.

Choose from a stone "standarnoyu" form. Round stones are the most popular and at the same time the cheapest but branded stones, such as Hearts Asscher or Fire is quite expensive.

Choose wedding rings with a thin safety bars. The thickness of the ring directly affects its value. Fine wedding ring not only helps to emphasize the precious inlaid stones, but also reduces its overall cost.

Choose wedding rings with artificial stones. Many artificial crystals and stones look as amazing as the diamond. This is especially popular option for couples that emphasize the beauty of this stone.

How to choose platinum jewelry?

Platinum is often called the "queen of metals", thanks to its special appeal. Platinum is quite rare, strong and pure metal. However, not all platinum is the same. This article contains some useful tips on how to choose a platinum ring of high quality.

Will learn all about the composition of your platinum ring. Like all precious metals, platinum fused with other metals in order to obtain the hardness required for jewelry. Ring, which contains 80% platinum and 20% other metals is much cheaper than a ring, 95% of which is pure platinum.

Check the label on the inside of the ring. The inscription "IridPlat", or ".90Plat/Ir" means that the ring is only 90% of pure platinum and is cheaper than platinum ring containing 95%. Ring with the inscription "Plat" or ".95 Plat" is of pure platinum and is extremely expensive.

Ask your jeweler check the contents of your alloy ring. If you buy a ring of pure platinum (95% platinum), the alloy should contain a small amount of cobalt or ruthenium. Platinum alloy of these materials are much stronger and stiykyshyy to external factors. Many platinum rings containing less precious metal - Iridium, but these ring m'yahshi, easy potsarapaty and over time they get washed.

Platinum Jewelry - Care

Platinum jewelry pleasure to wear. Platinum is more flexible material than gold, and therefore exposed to better treatment and enables a large number of design options that can not be done with other metals. Platinum is more durable than other metals, and therefore wears better and longer. Investing in platinum jewelry is the same as if to buy anything else of high quality higher quality. You just get by buying platinum because it wears better, longer and require less maintenance. 

Platinum purer than gold

Most platinum jewelry - platinum is a pure 90 - 95%, while the content of pure metal 18 carat gold is 75% and only 58.5% 14k gold. All gold and silver alloys containing base metals ishyh share, and a mixture of platinum with other meyalamy lowest. The content of other metals allows white gold, for example, oxidize, which eventually leads to a change in color. Since platinum chytisha than gold, it is Mr. fade or change color over time and retains its luster nazavzhdy.Chystyy white luster of platinum reflects the true brilliance of diamonds and provides the best conditions for most precious stones. Glitter platinum comparable perhaps only to the brilliance of diamonds and precious stones inlaid in platinum look simply unique. The combination of platinum and yellow gold - a harmonious combination for people who prefer the warm tones.

Wedding rings symbolize marital fidelity and commitment. Carry on wedding ring finger left or right hand, it depends on the traditions of each country. Wedding rings worn by both men and women, as opposed to engagement rings, which are usually only worn by women. Some couples vykarbovuyut their names, wedding date or a specific phrase on the outside or the inside of the ring. Such rings are usually passed on from generation to generation as a symbol of great love and fidelity.

Form rings are not accidental. Made in the form of a circle obruchalne ring has no beginning or end. It symbolizes the endless love that will accompany the couple throughout their life together.

In traditional Western culture obruchalnymy couple exchanged rings during the wedding ceremony.

Typically, the rings are below zaruchalnoho rings on the fingers. But before the ceremony the bride takes the ring for engagement and puts it on the other hand to be sure the wedding ring was located on the free finger. And after the wedding she decides whether to leave the two rings on different hands, or wear them together. Some brides decide to wear for the convenience of two rings soldered together.

Celtic obruchalni ring. The Celts lived in Western Europe between 500 BC and 400 AD Symbols culture of these nations often vykarbovuyut on wedding rings. These animals, spirals, crosses and much more. Celtic knot, for example, symbolizes the intertwining of two lives. These rings are a reminder of family, heritage and traditions.

Wedding rings with diamonds is one of the most popular types obruchalnyh rings. A classic is a combination of gold and diamonds. To finish wedding rings can be used as other precious stones, but diamonds are much more popular.

Antique wedding rings brides often elected because of their beauty and significance of some of the past. They can be transmitted from generation to generation and have its own story that lives in them and passed each time a pair of lovers. It is believed that the power of love and fidelity to former owners passed current fiance.

Formed in Sea pearls are the only gems that emerged in vivo. That is why in the world there are no two identical pearls. Due to its unique and precious pearls valued for centuries: their romance, the mysterious power and mystique.

Legend has it that Cleopatra dissolved one of her earrings of pearls in wine and drank it. In Greek mythology tells us that when Aphrodite was the sea shore, a hat from her head fell into the sea at the bottom of which she turned into a pearl. Today, thanks to modern methods of processing, gems became available to a broad range of consumers, as are modern and classic at the same time. This clearly illustrates our collection of precious articles of pearls.

Processed pearls, which we used to see, are the efforts of both nature and man. The natural color of pearls is very diverse, they come in silver and pink, combined with many shades of cream, there are also silver-blue and silver and black pearls. In pearl contains the same substance as in the shells of oysters, which provides them with bands pearl shade. That amount of the substance and determine their color. On top of each pearl is covered with layers of microcrystalline aragonite, which has about a few tisyach, they alternate with layers of protein that binds the past to each other. That's all - a unified composition, structure, thickness and reaction to light which create separate color and shine, give each of the gems of originality.

There are 5 main types of processed pearls originating from different parts of the world.

Akoyski pearl was made of oysters, which were in the seas around Japan for over 100 years and is the most prominent type of treated gems. Akoyski pearls can be round and chaotic forms, and its color varies from pale gray to deep yellow. Naturally white or white and pink pearls are the most akoyskie rare and valuable. They are located mainly on the banks of the South Sea.

Australian yuzhnomorski made of some of the major species of oysters, so they reach a size in the range of 9 to 18mm. Color in these gems - from the cold and silver to pale cream. These little gems are different in shape, so they are a real boon for jewelers.

Taitskie yuzhnomorski pearl oysters are made of black frames and natural pearls are uniform black. The color of pearls varies from silvery-blue through yellow muscat-up to the color of eggplant. Pearls of the darker shades are more valuable, but other types also are popular.

Indonesian pearls are made of yuzhnomorski oysters gold frames, which are close relatives of major Australian oysters. Due to differences in food and warm water in which they live, these oysters, they give pure white pearls, and all versions of golden hue saturation.

Pearl River is also known as pearl Biwa. Lake Biwa, Japan was one of the world's first center for production of processed freshwater pearls, but the production of jewelry was discontinued in the late 80's due to pollution and competition from China. First pearls in China was obtained from the mussels, and it was of inferior quality, and later from the mid 80s he began to be made of oysters, which are extracted from the mouths of rivers, resulting in quality pearls have increased slightly. However, pearl Biwa-treated costs about 10% of Japanese pearls.

There are five criteria for determining the quality of treated pearls, luster, color, shape, surface finish and size.

Luster depends on the coverage and pearl is formed by a combination of surface reflection and refraction of light inside the crystal layers of aragonite. This all creates a unique glimpse of the glow of each stone.

Pearl color is a matter of advantage. Each pearl has shades and tones of different colors. Pearl silver-pink color suitable for women with fair skin, while the stones beautifully creamy blend with light tan skin.

The form is dictated by nature, and the most desirable is perfectly circular.

On the surface of a pearl can be spot color are a few shades different from the primary. The smaller of these traces on the stone, the higher its quality and price.

Size of pearls is measured in millimeters. Substantially all of the stones in diameter is not more than 7 mm long are very rare, and when the size of pearls exceeds this limit, their price is growing very rapidly, respectively.

Processed pearls that we use as decorations can be damaged by cosmetics, perfumes, lacquers and hair natural moisture of the body. So wear jewelry should only be after all the preparations to the skin and clothes were dry. Keep your jewelry made of pearls separate from diamonds and other jewelry to avoid scratches. If you wear the necklace for quite some time, we recommend that every few years to change the thread. But before that you should consult with a specialist.

The oldest gold ornaments, which have been preserved to our times, were made even 3000 BC They are found in what is now southern Iraq, where before there was civilization Sumer, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Major archaeological discoveries of ancient jewelry were made during the excavation of the tomb of King Yuri in Mesopotamia, dating from around 2600 BC One of them was cast in gold sculpture of a donkey, which was attached to the ring chariot. In Egypt, statues of gold were found in the tombs of the pharaohs dating back to 1500 BC and later.

However, recent research conducted by scientists, archaeologists also suggest that the first jewelry manufactured in the Black Sea has 3000 BC the territory of modern Bulgaria.

The earliest decorations were made by different methods: some were beaten out on precious metals on the basis of sculpture, while others resemble the modern chains have also been molded. The most spectacular example of casting jewelry was known to all discovery in the tomb of King Tutankhamen, who died before 1352 BC and This mask is now in the Cairo Museum. Minyontsy, the settlements are located in Crete, were the first to make a chain of precious metals, which are still very popular today. But the Etruscans in the 7th century. BC Italy pervymiizobreli granulation method as a mechanism for finishing. Granules of gold of different sizes and shapes adorned things decor of rich people.

During the Italian Renaissance was discovered many novih springs of gold, resulting in dramatically increased the activity of production of gold sculptures. Spanish as jewelers, for comparison, were forced to buy gold in South Africa.

Italy became the world's leading manufacturer of jewelry, using more than 400 tonnes of gold a year. Two thirds of the masters of jewelry were made for export. In cities such as Arezzo, Bassano del Grappa and Vicenza, flourished world-famous jewelry factory, which was placed on several hundred machines that "knit" the golden threads in the chain.

Among the important new centers of jewelry making, which emerged in the early 1990s, can be called Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Jewelry Factory China each year is used by several hundred tons of gold. In Japan, the manufacturer of jewelry for domestic needs has been one of the priority sectors. The volume of material used there is approximately 100 tons per year.

What is the difference between platinum and white gold?
Platinum is naturally white metal, while gold gets white colored artificially by adding rodiumu. Often the cover on white gold may disappear, and the color of the surface of the lower layer can not be as white as platinum.
Since platinum is more rare metals prices, it is much higher than gold.
Comparing the metal content in jewelry, the pure platinum in jewelry contains approximately 95%, while like gold - only about 75%.
Platinum schilnishyy much metal, so it weighs about half as much more than gold.
Of products made of platinum is test, which guarantees their quality. For example, in the products of 850 samples is 85% pure platinum, 900 tests - 90%, 950 tests - 95%, 999 samples - 99.9%.
Most platinum jewelry are 950 and higher test.
As platinum products affect sensitive skin?
Platinum - hypoallergenic metal, so are suitable for all skin types.
The specificity of the products is that they sometimes lose weight, that ring does not become thinner. However, this does not mean that the decorations do not need to care. When you do manual work, it is desirable to remove platinum jewelry.Occasionally, you should clean them in soapy water, using a soft brush. Wipe decorations must be clean, dry nonabrasive cloth, wiping easy to them to shine. If these remedies do not help remove the damage and restore the original shine, there are grinding services, services which can be used.
If properly care for products made of platinum, their repair long time may not be needed. For example, rings that were made back in the 1920s, are now. However, for older rings may need to change the size or removal of various mechanical damage such as scratches. Such repair must only be made expert.
Platinum is an excellent value for money. Although the cost of the metal a little higher than the price of gold, this difference is confirmed by high quality, elegance and beauty of the jewelry.
In favor of a metal - platinum or gold - make your choice, you decide.


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